Workers' compensation records are a type of public record resource that provides information about claims filed by employees for work-related injuries or illnesses. These records are maintained by state agencies and typically include details such as the nature of the injury, medical treatment received, and any compensation awarded to the employee. Access to these records can help individuals verify the validity of a claim or track the history of workplace incidents.

Alabama Department Of Industrial Relations

Alabama Department of Industrial Relations - Workers' Compensation Home

Arizona State Compensation Fund

Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission

Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission

California Division Of Workers' Compensation

California Division Of Workers' Compensation

individual employer self-insurance applications

and employer health & safety committees; and it maintains claim and other workers' compensation-related documents. "

Delaware Division of Industrial Affairs

Delaware Department of Labor - Division of Industrial Affairs - Office of Workers' Compansation

District of Columbia Workers' Compensation

Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security

This is the official website for Florida's Division of Workers' Compensation, part of the Department of Financial Services.

Georgia State Board of Workers Compensation

Welcome to the State Board of Workers' Compensation's online source for information and resources. Items such as current Board forms, the Board's rules, the Board's education schedule, the Safety Library Catalog and other useful information are available,2235,11394008,00.html

Idaho Industrial Commission

The Idaho Industrial Commission regulates the workers' compensation insurance industry in Idaho. These pages include information on claims and benefits, adjudication, rehabilitation. The Commission also operates the Crime Victims Compensation Program in I


Indiana Worker's Compensation Board of Indiana

To provide efficient dispute resolution for injured workers and employers by administering both formal adjudication and informal dispute resolution services; to serve the public by answering inquiries regarding the Indiana Worker's Compensation system; an

Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation

Frequently Asked Questions - Division of Workers' Compensation

Kansas Workers Compensation

Kansas Division of Workers Compensation

Louisiana Office of Workers' Compensation

OWCA, Office of Workers' Compensation Administration - Working to Keep Louisiana Businesses Safe

Maine Workers Compensation Board

The general mission of the Maine Workers' Compensation Board is to serve the employees and employers of the State fairly and expeditiously by ensuring compliance with the workers' compensation laws, ensuring the prompt delivery of benefits legally due, pr

Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission

The Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission seeks to secure the equitable and timely administration of the provisions of the Maryland Workers' Compensation Law on behalf of its customers, the injured worker and their employer, by providing an effective

Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Advisory Council

Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Advisory Council

Michigan Dept of Consumer & Industry Services

MI Dept. of Labor & Economic Growth

Minnesota Dept. of Labor & Industry

Minnesota Dept. of Labor & Industry

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