Public record resources related to Criminal Histories provide valuable information about an individual's past interactions with the legal system. These records can include details about arrests, convictions, sentencing, and other relevant information related to criminal activities. Accessing criminal history records can be crucial for various purposes, such as background checks for employment, rental applications, and legal proceedings. Understanding and utilizing these resources responsibly can help individuals and organizations make informed decisions and promote safety and security within their communities.

Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Offenders Statistics

Information, statistics, and publications about criminal offenders in the United States.

Colorado Boulder County Sheriff Office

Boulder County Sheriffs Office Administration Division

Florida Criminal History Request Info

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Division of Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), is the central repository for criminal history information for the state of Florida. In addition to maintaining criminal history information, it is

Idaho Ada County Sheriff's Office

Indiana Request for Limited Criminal History Information

A Limited Criminal History contains only felonies and class A misdemeanor arrests within the state of Indiana. Completeness of this information is based upon county participation

Iowa Criminal History Records

Iowa Criminal History Records

Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts

Massachusetts Criminal History System Board

The Criminal History Systems Board is the state agency responsible for maintaining the Commonwealth's criminal justice information system, maintaining firearms licensing and transaction records, disseminating Massachusetts criminal offender record informa

Minnesota Accessing Criminal History Records

CJIS-Accessing Criminal History Records for Non-Criminal Justice Purposes

Montana Department of Justice Attorney General

North Carolina Criminal History Search (fee)

Criminal records online - welcome to We perform criminal record searches from public records anywhere in the United States and the world.

South Carolina Charleston County

Texas Obtaining A Criminal History

Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification

Vermont Criminal Information Center

Vermont Criminal Information Center

Virginia Richmond Obtaining Police Records County of Henrico

Washington How to request Criminal Histories

Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA)

This website provides public access to the records of the Wisconsin circuit courts for counties using the Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP) Case Management system. These records are open to public view under Wisconsin's Open Records law, secti

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